• Ceresio 7
Building upon the success and experience of 8 years of Milanese glamour, Ceresio7 arrives in Mykonos in partnership with John and Gregory Gofas. In the centre of town, a new creative and aesthetic concept by Dean and Dan Caten and Storageassociati is developed in a historic building that perfectly embodies the island’s traditional style. A vision that permeates the spaces in all its aspects, from architecture to layout, from interior design to decoration.The project doesn’t upend the building’s original ethos but rather melds it with Italian elegance by juxtaposing new elements and visions onto the original structure, elements that are a callback to the dolce vita, to the rational yet chic modernism of the ‘50s and to the polite revolution embodied by Gio Ponti. Ceresio7 Mykonos is a fascinating location that offers both relax and leisure from happy hour to after dinner, combining quality and conviviality, for those who love the island, fine dining and design.
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